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Tape Piece
7 January 2010 | Brooklyn, New York
Duct and Flashing Tape, Oil, Epoxy on Plywood | H: 60/152 W: 123/312 D: 22/56 (in/cm)

This large wall piece is a reworking of early Plywood Pieces in which a given sheet of plywood, in this case, a scaled 4’ x 10’ sheet of cherry plywood encased in epoxy, was cut in a 3:4 progression and reassembled. The tape fortifies the surface, keeps the parts in line, and forms a random patterned “see through” mesh. I was reminded of bandaging hospital patients as an orderly in the late 1960’s. The sculptural issues are mostly hidden--fusing the parts, fixing the shape, supporting the flexible surface, and getting the piece to hang on the wall.

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