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As Good As Silver
October 2011 | Brooklyn, New York
Digital Ink Jet Print on German Etching Paper | H: 16.5/42 W: 49.5/126 (in/cm)

The right half of this image was made in 1979 as a gelatin silver print when the Hunt brothers cornered the market on silver and drove the cost of photographic materials sky high. Their actions, while donating millions to the Campus Crusade for Christ, created a financial burden on photographers. Federal investigators stepped in, fined them, extracted back taxes, and caused the price of silver to drop to $11 per ounce in 1980, on what was later referred to as "Silver Thursday." This 2011 digital print, a pun on the photographic process by not using silver, was created in diptych form partially to celebrate the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations of October 2011.

©2019 by Jim Nickel

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