This piece became the prototype for “Six Lines for Central Park,” floated in The Pool in New York Central Park in 1980. Nickel established a system of rules to create the piece: 1) There should be one right angle; 2) each of the six boards should intersect the other 5 at some point; 3) each intersection should be clearly cut so that no more than two boards intersect at one point; 4) the surfaces of the boards should be flush. It is a sculptural version of a painting technique developed in the early 1970’s, using a background of crosshatched colored lines, placed at specified angles, to create a variable density of surface much like fabric.

Six Lines System

Brentwood, Missouri
Wood 4x4’s
H 4 x W 168 x D 168 (in.)
H 10 x W 427 x D 427 (cm.)