About the artist

During more than four decades — in St. Louis, in the Manhattan Garment District, and since 1987 on Bedford Avenue in Brooklyn — Jim Nickel has created a richly varied yet cohesive body of work. He works across the genres, using photography, drawing, painting, and sculpture to develop his ideas. He creates with materials at hand: exotic hardwoods, the frame of an old handtruck from the Macy’s dumpster, precious metals, castoff ballast from boxcars, a bucket of roofing tar, lumps of fossilized dinosaur dung.

Exploring the work
The site groups Nickel’s work into five main areas — painting, sculpture, photography, works on paper, and themes/other work — each with subcategories to explore. Most pages on the site offer seven randomly selected works, arranged as thumbnails across the top of the page. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge and find more information about the work.

The Catalog provides a visual index of all work on the site, organized into categories for searching and browsing. More work is added every week, and pages for new subcategories of work will be added from time to time. There is a clickable e-mail facility at the bottom of most pages to send questions or comments to the artist.