An edition of fgive was cast in 1976. Four of the castings have been sold. The piece was the result of a walk along the railroad tracks behind the studio. Nickel was wearing work gloves while scavenging for large materials and came back to the studio with an oak board in hand, much as one would pick up a walking stick on a hike in the woods. The board was weathered, split at one end exposing raw wood, and burned at the other. The next day, Nickel saw the board next to the glove on the work table and decided to bring the two pieces together as a permanent record of the original walk along the tracks. One of the castings, sold to Stanton Fisher of St. Louis in 1978, was done with a stainless steel glove and the board in bronze. The long edge of the board held by the clove was mirror polished as the only deliberate suggestion that the work was a casting.

Bronze Glove and Board

St. Louis, Missouri
Silicon Bronze
H: 9 in. x W: 18 in. x D: 3 in.
Collection of the artist

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